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Skydiving Has Arrived In IRAN!

Paravaran Asseman and sister company, PA Aviation are very proud to announce the opening of the Shahab skydiving centre, Iran's first skydiving facility.

Jump from The Aeroplane At 300 KPH!!

Shahab skydiving is the first skydiving school in the world to perform parachuting for men and women in accordance with Islamic regulations.

PA Aviation is working with male and female skydiving instructors, allowing our customers to feel the adrenaline rush and liberating experience of skydiving.



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Before skydiving, our instructors will give you a pre-flight safety briefing fully explaining your skydive.

After you have completed your safety briefing you will be safely harnessed to the instructor at all times. The aircraft will take off and you will climb to 15000feet (4KM).


At this altitude you will jump from the aircraftand freefall at speeds over 300KPH! After free falling for 5000ft the instructor opens the parachute canopy and allows you to

glide the parachute on to the drop zone.

A Professional skydive camera man is available to jump with you and film and photograph your entire jump from take off to landing. This is available as an extra option.


We are very proud to introduce this exciting new sport in Iran, and welcome skydivers around the world, male and female, to jump with us in beautiful sunny Tehran.

There is very limited space on each flight and pre-booking is essential.

Discounts are available for group bookings of 4 or more persons.  


To book please email:



  Key points:

  • Harnessed to the parachute instructor at all times
  • Jump from 15,000 feet - Just like the professionals!
  • Rocket through the air at 300KPH down to 5,000 feet!
  • Ride the parachute to the ground
  • We teach you how to guide the parachute
  • Certificate of completing a 4km skydive!
  • Optional DVD video/photographs available
  • Discounts available for group bookings of 4 or more persons

Come Fly With Us!


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