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Exclusive Middle East agent for British Aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman

Exclusive Middle East agent for Normarc F.I.S.(Flight Inspection Systems)

Certified manufacturer, repairer and retailer of paragliders, paramotors and harnesses.

Anti corrosion treatment for all types of aircraft

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Iran's only internationally certified paraglider and harness repair centre

iran skydivingiran skydiving

Paravaran Asseman is Iran’s first and only internationally certified and approved paraglider manufacturer. We obtained international certification from FFVL International Aero Standards Federation in 2001. (see pictures for certification documents) Please click on the following link to the FFVL website to see our world ranking:


Paravaran Asseman offers the most comprehensive, full service paraglider repair shop in Iran. We pride ourselves on fast turn around and repairs at affordable prices.

All of our work meets and exceeds FFVL (International safety standards). From repairing a small patch to replacing complete cells we have the necessary experience and authentic materials.

Have you had your Paraglider Professionally Inspected?

We highly recommend an annual inspection of your paraglider at least once a year or after every 100 hours of flight (this is essential for safe flight).

Please contact us for further details.




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