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Press Release:

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Sale of British made aircraft to Iranian government, brokered by PAAviation

Paaviation.com is delighted to announce the sale of a Britten Norman Islander aircraft and half million US dollar inventory of spare parts, to the Iranian government.

www.paaviation.com has brokered a deal which has resulted in the sale of a Britten Norman Islander aircraft, to the Iranian government. This is officially the first brand new "Western" made aircraft sold to Iran, since the Islamic revolution of 1979.

PAAviation exclusively represents a number of British and European aviation companies in Iran. A tender was released by Iran's ministry of transport for the procurement of a multi role commuter aircraft of very close specification to the Britten Norman Islander. As the exclusive representative in Iran for Britten Norman, PAAviation, informed Britten Norman's headquarters in Bembridge and got the ball rolling.

PAAviation submitted Britten-Norman's proposal to the Iranian Ministry of Transport, procurement committee and after due deliberation and consideration, the contract was awarded to Britten Norman.

The aircraft will be jointly operated by PAAviation and the Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation (C.A.O) and will be used for Skydiving training. It will be the first aircraft in Iran to do so. The interior can be re-configured to transport Iranian VIP's and also has the capacity to operate as an air ambulance.

As the bid bond payment has been released back to Britten- Norman, the deal has officially been concluded. The Iranians are currently putting the aircraft thought it's paces, and are so far delighted with the results. They have expressed a strong interest in purchasing a further 5 aircraft. The huge shipment of Islander spare parts will be used to refurbish some of the pre-revolution era Britten-Norman aircraft that were purchased during the reign of the former Shah of Iran.

The Iranian C.A.O are considering inviting Britten-Norman technicians to Tehran, to help supervise the technical aspects of the rebuild of the fleet of Britten Norman aircraft.

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