Pilot Training
Pilot TrainingSkydiving In Iran

Pilot TrainingPilot Training

Aircraft charter services

Aircraft maintenance consultancy

Aircraft buying and selling consultancy

Exclusive Middle East agent for British Aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman

Exclusive Middle East agent for Normarc F.I.S.(Flight Inspection Systems)

Certified manufacturer, repairer and retailer of paragliders, paramotors and harnesses.

Anti corrosion treatment for all types of aircraft

Visa acquisition services

Education services in Europe

Aviation Education Services in Europe

Choosing the right university is not easy. You will need to find a balance between the degree courses on offer, the university's track record of achievement, its geographical location, and the breadth and depth of social and recreational activities it provides. In other words, you need a university with the resources to help move your knowledge onwards, coupled with a desire to drive academic standards continually upwards.



Whatever subject you choose to study, through our worldwide network of universities and higher education institutions, Paravaran Asseman is sure to find the right course in the right place for you. We currently have more than 250 degree courses on offer around the world.

You can rest assured that you will experience a first-class university education, while also enjoying fine academic, recreational and leisure facilities.

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