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Iran Britten Norman Islander Aircraft

Iranian Britten Norman Islander aircraft


Paaviation has completed a contract of sale of a Britten Norman Islander to the Iranian government. This is the first "Western Made" factory supplied aircraft to be sold to Iran, since the Islamic revolution of 1979. Paaviation has recently launched a press release, regarding this sale, please click on the following link to see what Flight International Magazine and other aviation media have had to say about this historic sale:


It has been a privelidge for our company to have been closely involved in this sale, and we hope to see more Islanders arriving in Iran soon!

The Britten Norman Islander is the best-selling commercial aircraft ever produced in Europe. Adaptable, versatile and durable, it has an unsurpassed record of solving transportation problems simply and economically in some of the world's most diverse environments.

Ten seats, twin engines and a design driven by the requirement for ease of operation provide exceptional levels of utilisation. Constant refinement ensures that the Islander continues to excel in modern-day roles including environmental protection, air charter transportation, air ambulance, fisheries protection, photo surveying and policing, to name but a few. 

Paravaran Asseman (Paaviation) is the Exclusive Dealer for Britten-Norman in Iran and the Middle East.  As well as selling the Britten-Norman range of aircraft, we also provide the first class technical support you would expect from an exclusive distributor, with quality after-sales and spare parts service guaranteed.

For full technical specification and price information please contact us for details.



Iranian Britten-Norman Islander aircraft




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