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Pilot Training
Pilot TrainingSkydiving In Iran

Pilot training

Aircraft charter services

Aircraft maintenance consultancy

Aircraft buying and selling consultancy

Exclusive Middle East agent for British Aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman

Exclusive Middle East agent for Normarc F.I.S.(Flight Inspection Systems)

Certified manufacturer, repairer and retailer of paragliders, paramotors and harnesses.

Anti corrosion treatment for all types of aircraft

Visa acquisition services

Education services in Europe


Iran Charter
iranian charter
Air Charter
air charter iran


PAAviation is delighted to offer a wide variety of aircraft available for charter in Iran and the Middle East. With a fleet ranging from compact single engine aircraft and small helicopters, up to large corporate jets, we guarantee that we can find a solution for your aviation needs.

Why Charter?

Most people find that chartering a private aircraft has several different advantages, compared with flying normal commercial airlines. The following is a list of reasons why the corporate or leisure traveller prefers chartering our planes:

Flexibility in Scheduling...

Flying around your itinerary instead of travelling around commercial airline schedules allows you to have more flexibility when arranging a trip.

No Hassles...

No more flight delays, lost luggage, paying for extended parking or racing through crowded terminals for connecting flights.


In most cases travelling in groups of four or more can be more cost effective when chartering your own private aircraft versus flying commercial airlines.

Time is Money...

Today's corporate executive may find himself or herself being late for important business meetings due to commercial flight delays. When chartering your own private aircraft you can be sure that your departure and arrival will be punctual.


The business executive has a more intimate environment in which to review objectives to be discussed in the meeting he or she may be flying to. Another advantage is the comfort & convenience of sitting across from one another when travelling as opposed to having different seating arrangements or sitting in a row.

If you are interested in chartering an aircraft, please contact our sales team:




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