Pilot Training
Pilot TrainingSkydiving In Iran

Pilot TrainingPilot Training

Aircraft charter services

Aircraft maintenance consultancy

Aircraft buying and selling consultancy

Exclusive Middle East agent for British Aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman

Exclusive Middle East agent for Normarc F.I.S.(Flight Inspection Systems)

Exclusive Middle East agent for Europe's leading flying school

Certified manufacturer, repairer and retailer of paragliders, paramotors and harnesses.

Anti corrosion treatment for all types of aircraft

Visa acquisition services

Education services in Europe

PAAviation, is an Iranian civil aviation services consultancy with over 35 years of experience, primarily serving the aviation sectors in Iran and the Middle East.

Our wide range of services range from airline fleet procurement and maintenance consultancy services to exclusive representation of leading international aviation companies.

The Aero-Sports division of our company is the only internationally certified paraglider manufacturer in the Middle East and also operates the only skydiving centre in Iran.

Leading aviation companies such as Britten-Norman aircraft manufacturers, Normarc Flight inspection systems, FRAviation Services and Aerodata AG, to name a few, have all appointed PAAviation as their exclusive representative and partner in Iran.


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